Wednesday, October 10, 2012

OCTOBER 10, 2012

   The polls seem to have shifted toward Mitt Romney, but polls are notoriously volatile creatures.  There's plenty of time for them to shift again,  maybe more than once. This week's poll followed last week's debate.  Two more of those are planned, plus one between the vice presidential candidates this Thursday.

     Romney's criticisms have centered on foreign policy, but I'm not sure the country agrees with him. This week's Pew poll shows Romney ahead 49--45% among likely voters, though tied at 46% among all registered voters,

     Romney talked a lot about Iran but did not really propose a different solution from Obama's, which is sanctions and rhetoric saying a nuclear Iran is unacceptable.  Romney said this week that he would take a hard course on Iran.  He didn't say he'd invade it.  I suspect that most Americans would urge him not to.

     Obama had people behind him in getting out of iraq.  I suspect that most of us would have a simple solution for Afghanistan as well.
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ron shapley said...

Romney is a cardboard cut out of what, I don't know what.. Neither does he. Hopefully, in the next debate,he'll be exposed as the clueless phony he is.. And to suggest the poll reflecting women support closed 20 points after the debate demonstrates how phony the polls are...

ron shapley said... the way... Obama is up 20 points over Romney in the 7/11 cup poll !!