Sunday, August 5, 2012

AUGUST 4, 2012

I think I almost know how to score water polo, though I'm not sure how many are on a team. The Olympic Games only run another week or so. If there's a test at the end, I may flunk.

Still, it's a nice change.  My TV set has one daylight position, except for the occasional baseball game. The position is, as you will have guessed, off.

Some of the athleticism is extraordinary.  There was a picture of gymnast Gabby Douglas in the paper the morning after she won gold.  She seemed to be higher in the air than she was tall.  A four-foot something woman, say, parallel to the ground and six feet above it.  My armchair, old like its owner, just won't rise to that.

I've been watching this weekend too.  The longer races--a thousand meters and up--are still to come.  The cameras usually offer intense glimpses of stress and exhaustion.

If only we could get some of this intensity into the presidential campaign.

'Twould be a nice change


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