Thursday, August 16, 2012

AUGUST 16, 2012

I'm glad the Republicans are going (I suppose) to nominate Paul Ryan for Vice President.  The Congressman is an articulate spokesman for a lot of the Far Right's more extreme economic positions.  His candidacy will offer a good measure of how Americans feel about them.

Abolish Medicare?  Medicaid?  Turn Social Security into some sort of a voucher system?  I don't know, in these early days of his candidacy, exactly how all those proposals would work;  a campaign would probably tell me. Candidate Ryan will, it's fair to assume, be debating Vice President Biden, himself an articulate man.  Such an exchange would help explain all this, offering opposing views of the issues.  We would learn from this.

I think economics is an area in which many Americans have strong opinions but not a whole lot facts to go with them.  So debates will help.

Abolish Medicare?  Sounds like a bummer to me, but a good campaign could tell us for sure, don't you think?  Let's find out.



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