Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 22, 2010

I announce with some regret the end of the Palin Phenomenon.  
     How do I know? Because at this past weekend's Conservative Political Actiom Conference the winner of the presidential preference poll was libertarian Republican Cong. Ron Paul of Texas. He got 1% of the vote. Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney was second at 22% and Gov. Palin was third with 7%. 7%b of this very conservative group? Honey, face it, you ain't gonna be president, or even a presidential nominee. For a candidate with your beliefs, that kind of finish with this kind of crowd means it's over.
     But who does that leave? Paul seems like a long shot; I'd bet half the U.S. voters don't even know who he is  Romney? His father, also a governor, was a moderate, back when we still had them. He's often been accused by those who dislike moderation, of being moderate himself. I don't know where the colnsercatives go now, but if I were President Obama's political advisor, I'd say we'd had a pretty good week.
     I liked Palin. She was funny. I'm not sure why being able to see Russia from your front porch made you wiser about the place, but I guess she thought it did. And I never understood why she didn't answer when Katie Couric asked her what major newspapers she read. I mean, the answer most candidates are taught is, "The Times and the Post, of course." whether they've ever read either one or not.
     But I kind of liked the idea of a hockey mom in the White House. A rink in the front yard on Pennsylvania Ave,., maybe? And the rest of the field sure doesn't look too swell. 

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