Friday, February 19, 2010

February 19, 2010

            Tiger Woods apologized to his wife and children--fair enough.  He behaved badly toward them, probably hurt them a lot and owes them an apology.       He went on to apologize to the rest of is--his fans, the country.  I don't think he needed to do that.      First, his sins were private.  If an athlete's performance suffers because he's drunk or using drugs or whatever--sure he owes the fans an apology.  But Woods' sins had nothing to do with the golf course.  People who came to see him came to watch the best golfer in the world.  And they did.      Second, his sins were not unusual.  If all the men and women in America who've ever cheated on a spouse lined up to apologize, my guess is that the wait would be days and the line would stretch from here to, say, Utah and maybe back again.      So welcome back to the golf course, Mr. Woods;  you were the best before and there's no reason you shouldn't be the best again.  For the rest of it, who knows?  A lot of us have been in very painful marital and/or moral situations.  Sometimes they mend themselves.  I hope yours does.  Sometime they don't.  And there's no way in the world to know how any of these private agonies will turn out. 
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