Sunday, August 18, 2013

AUGUST 18, 2013

     I guess it's contagious, this spying stuff.  There's a story in the Washington Post today about how the Obama administration prepared a memo to Congressmen explaining how, or some of how, the National Security Administration's spying on the rest of us worked.  But the leaders of the House Intelligence Committee decided not to pass this goody along to the rest of Congress "in the months before a key vote on the future of the program."

     The administration sent a cover letter along with the memo urging that it be distributed to Congress, but the House Intelligence Committee disagreed and kept it quiet.  One newly elected Congressman, Michigan Republican Justin Amash, said dozens of new members elected in 2010 did not have access to the facts they needed to fully understand the program until they got them from Edward Snowden's leaks.

     A spokesman for the committee said they offered briefings.  Congressmen have crowded schedules;  it's much easier to read something on your own time.

     It's kind of like kids' gangs in grade school.  They love secrets.  Is Congress any more mature?  Good question.


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