Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 7, 2012

I saw a quote in Sunday's paper about Rick Santorum having high expectations for his chances in today's states:  Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri.  I'm afraid, dear reader, that I giggled. 
 It had nothing to do with the states involved – just the notion that Santorum was raising high expectations about much of anything, anywhere.  So far he just doesn't have the numbers in votes or money or percentages;  maybe expectations are the only thing he can raise. Is he dreaming?  Is he delusional?  Is he hopelessly optimistic?  Or is he making a adman's last pitch?
Politics these days is a little like those giant clothing ads you see in the paper:  20% off; no, 30%; no, 50% - until you finally realize your are getting 80% off.  It's meant to get you to reach for something you hadn't thought about, don't want and don't need – but the deal is too good to resist.  The ads may have had the same tone 150 years ago;  the politicians were very different.  It's a little hard somehow to imagine this silliness from a Jefferson or an Adams or a Madison.
Something has happened to our politics.  What's the old saying?  It describes a diplomat as an honorable man who is willing to lie for the good of his country.  With politicians – and not just with Santorum, with the lot - we seem to have gone way past that.
This old reporter loves politics so much that sometimes it can feel like a game.  This is serious stuff in serious times.Come on, guys, let's head back toward the straight and narrow. 

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