Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 25, 2012

The Maryland Senate has approved a gay marriage bill but news reports say it is likely to go before the state's voters on the November ballot for a final decision.  Does the government really have to regulate such things?  I'm always reminded of an old friend who made decisions just by thinking about them.  Should hunting be illegal, he might wonder.  If you think so, don't hunt.  Are you against children?  Then don't have any.  And so on.


You can see that this would greatly reduce the number of laws the government would have to pass while greatly increasing the number of decisions about our lives that each of us has to make.  This seems a good thing to me.  Can I run my life better than some state legislature – not that we have one in Washington, DC, of course.   I'm egotistical enough to answer yes.


I don't much enjoy hunting, so I don't hunt.  I like children – always have – so I had two.  My kids, in the interest of truth, are now in their 40s so this question is largely behind me.


There are, clearly, things the government has to regulate – murder and espionage come to mind.  But I don't think the government has to regulate nearly as many things as we expect it to.


If you disagree with this, don't write the government – just yell loudly and write me a nasty letter.

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