Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 25, 2012

Reporter:   Morning, boss, who's voting today? 


Editor:         Nobody, you idiot, it's Wednesday.


Reporter:   Who voted yesterday?  Somebody must have.


Editor:        No, I hate to break it to you.  I know it was a Tuesday but the fact is that nobody voted nationwide.


Reporter:  Good grief, boss, how am I supposed to make a living?  New Hampshire was weeks ago.


Editor:        Yeah, but at least you go that one right.   'Course Romney does live next door.  And just lately, good grief, Newt    Gingrich is supposed to have won South Carolina.   Do you suppose the good folk there really think he lives in Georgia?  Washington isn't even close.

Oh, never mind.  You'll never get it.  When do you suppose we can get you back to writing obits?  At least the dead people don't complain.



Well, so much for that…a little excerpt from some newsroom, quite possibly near you.


Who actually is ahead for the GOP nomination?  I have no idea.  Will the 15 who finished last in South Carolina please abandon their campaigns?  The rest of us can leave for Florida.

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