Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011

     If you're president and your country knocks off a famous terrorist, guess which way your polls ratings will go.  Yes, folks, "up" is the answer.  Barack Obama is finding that out this week, big time.
     An Associated Press-GfK (it's a marketing research group) poll taken after Osama bin Laden's death shows the president's approval rating at a whopping 60%.  More than half those polled say he deserves to be reelected.  Suppose the Dems would like to move up next year's election?
     73%--well, why not--say they think he can handle terrorist threats.  His ratings improvement isn't just limited to foreign affairs.  52% say he's handling the economy well, his best rating since early in his term.  The same 52% like how he's handling unemployment, even though it hovers around 9% and your Uncle Fred may be looking for work.  
     You can analyze these numbers endlessly, of course, but the bottom line is surely pretty simple.  The U.S., under Obama, knocked off bin Laden, and nothing, nothing succeeds like success.

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