Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1, 2011


     Well, they're married.  Not off on their honeymoon, they've announced they'll do that later.  But they're married, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and it all went off without a hitch.


     But so did the only royal wedding I ever covered, the one between Charles and Princess Diana at St. Paul's Cathedral in 1981.  The wedding was splendid, the marriage which followed was, sadly, not.  Infidelity, separation, divorce, and then Diana's death--she hadn't even turned forty--in a Paris car crash in 1997.


     The odds seem better for William and Kate.  Charles was a lot older than Diana; she was just a teenager, nineteen, when they tied the knot.  She knew the hot fashions, the latest dances.  He didn't.  He was older and, judging from the snippets we saw on the news, he seemed a bit on the stodgy side.  


      Kate and William are of an age--she's, what, five months the older.  They've lived together in a house with others and presumably got along.  Of course, they'll stay in the spotlight.  Swedish royals or Danish ones, if they still are any, come and go without Americans much noticing.  Not so the Brits.


     So we'll be watching, young Royals.  This column wishes you the best of luck.

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