Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

    President Barack Obama officially launched his reelection campaign today. Realists will of course note that it really started the day he took the oath of office in January, 2009, or perhaps the day he actually won the job, in November, 2008. But hey, you have to have an official starting day.
     How's he doing?  He inherited two wars.  We seem to be getting out of Iraq, though we are certainly not out yet.  We're still in Afghanistan.  (Will anybody who remembers exactly why we went into either please let me know?)  And we're bombing in Libya, though the president says we won't be sending ground troops.  This is progress?  Hard to say.
     The economy is better than it was, with unemployment down to 8.8% this month.  I'm old enough to remember when 4.5 or 5% was normal.  Again--progress?  I guess, but compared to what?
    So, who might his competition be?  Well, there's former Governor Mitt Romney, who went on vacation with the family dog strapped to the roof of the car, from which position it later peed down the rear window? There are Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman whose rhetoric sometimes makes them sound like visitors from another planet.  There's Tim Pawlenty, but nobody knows who he is yet. And then there is Newt Gingrich, but too many people know who he is.  Let's not forget that unsuccessful Senate candidate, Christine O'Donnell, whose campaign TV ad began, "I am not a witch." Maybe she'd run and still not be a witch.  Could Obama top that?
     Who knows?  For political junkies like me it promises lots of fun and laughter over the over the next twenty months or something.  Yes, it really will last that long.  Enjoy.   

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