Tuesday, February 15, 2011

FEBRUARY 13, 2011

      Egyptians, you've been wonderful.  Got rid of the despot relatively bloodlessly. Made Cairo's streets glisten with happiness.  Now, of course, comes the hard part.


     You'll need a leader, of course. That was pretty easy for us when we got rid of British rule a couple of centuries ago.  One man--George Washington--really dominated our landscape--military leader during the war, well-known politically, and so on.  We really couldn't imagine anyone else in charge.  In reading about your fine revolution, I haven't seen one name that stands out like that but I may simply have missed it.


     You'll need a constitution.  That's harder.  I know you had one, of course, but I read today the generals have suspended it.  No matter.  We brag about our Constitution a lot.  Our original had lot of things wrong with it.  Worst of all, probably, it tolerated slavery.  A slave, it said, would count as three-fifths of a person when states were determining their populations.  Men could vote in our original document;  women could not.  I know you'll avoid dumb mistakes like that, but you may make others.  It's important, I think, to have a document that's amendable.  We've improved ours a lot over the years.


      Anyway, good luck with all that.  And many thanks--I haven't enjoyed watching the news this much in years—nor missed reporting it more.

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