Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1, 2011

     As I write this, Hosni Mubarak hasn't resigned yet, but it's pretty clear he'll have to.  With the United States, his former best friend, talking about the need for a peaceful transition,  Mubarak should probably start packing his bags.
     The reports about the protesters are encouraging too--young, pro-democracy, all those good things.  Still, you never know.  I remember walking among young Chinese protesters in Beijing's Tiananmen Square a generation ago.  There was a lot of optimism then too.  But in the end, of course, the Red Army cleared the square with gunfire and people--nobody knows how many but probably several hundred--died.
     Let's hope things go better this time.  There's lots to do in Egypt.  The country is very poor.  It has never tasted democracy, but seems anxious to try it.  Let's hope they can, and let's hope the western democracies can help without blundering into some sort of war.
      This well-wisher sends the protesters one very American rallying cry:  Let freedom ring!   

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