Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 24, 2010

     California, I suppose, has always seemed exotic to the rest of us Americans.  It has movie stars, a terrific ocean, deserts, mountains and some fairly strange politicians too.
     The current governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a Republican who gained fame not as a politician, but as a body builder turned actor.  Many Republicans don't like him much.  Ronald Reagan, of course, was an actor before he became governor and then president.
     This year the governor's race is a contest between dynasty and dough. 
     Democrat Gerry Brown represents the dynasty.  His father, Pat, was first elected governor way back in 1959, more than half a century ago.  He served two terms.  His son Jerry was first elected governor in 1975.  He served two terms too.  You might think his son would be in line now, but no.  Jerry, now in his seventies, is running again.  Is the campaign slogan "It's mine!"  I'm not sure but it could be.
     Dough is the Republican, Meg Whitman.  She has spent more than 100 million so far--had to get the nomination, of course, and plans to spend another 50--though there's more if she needs it.  I have no idea who'll win this one, but if some pollster asks you,  "Finest politics money can buy?" at least you'll know the answer. 

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