Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 26, 2009

     Sarah Palin is an "ex" now, a "former."  Former governor of Alaska, that is.  This is the first day of the rest of her life.  What will she do with it?  A lot of people think she'll run for president.      She has some obvious advantages.  People know her, she's pretty and attractive, and we've never had a woman president before.  She'd have no trouble getting coverage; TV and radio shows would want her, and she's signed up to write (or have someone write, I suppose) a book. Another advantage:  the other Republican most often mentioned is Mitt Romney, who was a terrible candidate last time out and seems unlikely to have improved  (It's heredity.  His father, who ran in, I think 1968, was a terrible candidate too.)  And of course she'd make a lot more money on the circuit than she did as governor.      She'd need to do a little homework, of course.  Remember that embarrassing silence when a reporter asked her what newspapers she read?  The correct answer, easily memorized, is "The Anchorage Daily News, the New York Times, and sometimes the Washington Post."  Is it true? Doesn't matter, who's to know?      So welcome to the battle, Ms. Palin.  It's exhausting, but it can be good fun too.  If I were a reporter I'd plead with my editor to cover you and not poor Mitt.  Hot copy is what we newsies like and, it seems to me, you're it.                 

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