Monday, October 6, 2008

October 5, 2008

      Oh bang the drum slowly,
      And play the pipes lowly,
      The hapless old Cubbies are losers again.
      Will they ever be winners? It's hard to know when.
     A century's losing just wasn't enough.
     They did make the playoffs but then things got rough.
     Got swept by the Dodgers who beat them three straight.
     Scored only six runs, a series to hate.
     So bang the drum slowly,
     And play the pipes lowly.
     And no, wait 'till next year; we know that's a lie.
     The Cubs ever winning? Just pie in the sky.
     They're bound to keep losing; it's what they do best.
     So mourn for the losers, and the hell with the rest.

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