Friday, October 3, 2008

October 3, 2008

      Sarah Palin proved she can speak in complete sentences.  She did much better in the VP debate than many Republicans must have feared.  But Democrat Joe Biden did well too.  He was obviously better informed on all kinds of issues than Governor Palin, but he's been on the national scene for years.  Her performance was no reason to think that if elected she couldn't learn that stuff too.
     She'll have to learn to cuss better, of course.  'Gosh' and 'darn' are words you just don't hear all that often on Capitol Hill.  And she stuck to generalities.  She said 'yes' when asked about the bailout bill Congress is dealing with, but avoided details.  And asked how she'd reduce partisanship on the Hill, she said, 'Let's commit ourselves, just everyday American people, Joe Six Pack, hockey moms across the nation, I think we need to band together and say never again.'   Okay, no pesky specifics there.
     Biden, I think, was wise in not attacking her.  He concentrated on McCain--no maverick on the Bush budget proposals, no maverick on enrolling more kids in government health insurance, and so on.  Fair enough.  McCain is a sometimes maverick, not an every day one.
     So they've had their debate.  Palin did what she needed to do, I think, and Biden had a good day--no gaffes and some good shots at McCain.
     We have two more debates, of course, with the big guys.  I think momentum (our old election pal Big Mo) is shifting Obama's way;  news stories today report the McCain campaign is giving up on Michigan, spending that money on other battlegrounds like Florida and Ohio.  We'll see what happens, but for me it's been the most interesting campaign in years.  

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