Monday, May 26, 2014

MAY 26, 2014

     Memorial Day honors our country's dead in all its wars, surely a fine idea, especially if the wars were worth fighting, as most of ours have been. 

    The Revolution?  Of course, it gave us birth.  The War of 1812 kept us alive.  The Civil War?  Surely Lincoln was right when he said we could not continue half slave and half free.

    World War I, I don't know, all those kings fussing at each other, but the other side did sink a lot of our ships.  World War II?  No question.  And Korea?  Not much either though one scholar insisted the South struck first.

     Vietnam?  I never did figure out why we were there.  Afghanistan?  Iraq?

     But there's a better reason for the Day.  The men and women who fought for us believed in us and our cause and they therefore deserve all the honor we can give them.

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