Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 16, 2014

      It's happening now.  It's March.  Time for Madness.


     Watching a baseball game outdoors in God's sunlight is really my favorite sports fan pastime, but every year I get somewhat caught up in the big national basketball tournament which hovers over our television sets.  The National Collegiate Athletic Association is its name and it surely is national with seventy-some teams.

     To be fair, the basketball is pretty damn good.  Florida, Arizona, and the other high seeds are absolutely worth watching.  Some of the teams are chosen by experts--no problem there--others are in because they won a conference.  That can be tricky--not so much if they won the ACC, say.  But then there's my old school, which plays in the Ivy League and is much more noted for--ahem--scholarship than sports. 

     My Old School--don't want to embarrass anyone by using names--MOS played well enough to win the Ivy.  I'd bet a dollar to a c-note they lose in the first round of the NCAA.

     The Washington Post notes they are playing in their third tournament--but mentions nothing about winning.  How could they;  the Post ain't fiction.

     Still, good luck, guys.  You'll need it.

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