Monday, December 30, 2013

DECEMBER 29, 2013

     We're coming to the New Year, of course.  I wonder if folks still do resolutions.  I can think of some that might be useful.  So, I dare say, can you.

      The State Department, for instance, could resolve not to talk to Syria.  Resolve to not do anything bad to them--more bad is probably the last thing they need--but not to try to do anything good either because any dealings with Syria seem to end badly in deaths both for them and whoever else is involved.

     Congress--and this is a seriously good idea--could resolve not to pass any more single-member bills--you know, bills sponsored by one Congressman setting up a post office in his district or a statue to some great-uncle who fought in the the Spanish-American War or…well, you know what I mean.  There are hundreds of those every year and they aren't cheap.

    What about me?  I'm going to lobby for a brand new, really expensive ballpark for the Chicago Cubs--Wrigley is getting old.  There is talk about serious renovation but, under my rules, they'll get the new park as soon as they win the World Series.  They last won it, you shoulld know, in 1908.  I think our money is safe.



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