Sunday, February 3, 2013

FEBRUARY 3, 2013

     No, Monday morning quarterbacking hasn't started yet.  The game is still hours away.  Doesn't mean the flackery couldn't have started yesterday, of course.  We are talking about the Super Bowl.

     I don't know how it got so big.  Back when I was a kid, deep in the previous century, there were two football conferences  and one championship game between the two winners.   But then that was before there was a Super Bowl.  They didn't even have television when I was a little kid.  The most stunning final of my childhood (Chicago--my home townBears, 72Washington Redskins, 0) I must have heard on the radio.  Hard to imagine all those big men doing all that running.

     Another change from those ancient days--the Super Bowl is a much bigger deal than the World Series.
 Wasn't then.  I still remember the Cubs in the Series in, I think, 1945 --lost, of course, but we all paid attention.

     Well, here we are anyway.  My Redskins aren't competing, of course, so I'm
for the Ravens--only team in the league more or less named after a poet.

     Go birds!


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