Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NOVEMBER 27, 2012

        The year is almost over.  Many of us are thinking about holiday gifts. Congress, of course, is thinking about taxes.
     Some tax cuts are due to expire at year's end.
 Congress would probably like to extend them, but the national debt really is enormous.  Tax cuts, of course, would make it worsethat's the "fiscal cliff" we keep reading about. And this Congress, like the new one we just elected, is not the best for swift, efficient decision-making.

     Such a government would have one party in charge.
 We don't.  The Democrats have the White House and the Senate;  the Republicans have the House.  It will be the same when the new crowd meets.

     Still, Congress often muddles through.
 I think--can't prove, just think--they'll do it again.  Stumble around very close to the edge of the fiscal cliff, just not fall over it.


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