Sunday, April 1, 2012

APRIL 1, 2012

No, it still isn't over but the experts here in Washington all say a critical moment is approaching.  It's on Tuesday when Maryland, the District of Columbia and Wisconsin all have primaries.  The pundits have clustered in Wisconsin maybe because of its cheese, maybe because of the interesting politicians the state has sent to Washington – the thoughtful ones like Gaylord Nelson and the thugs like the late Joe McCarthy.


Wisconsin won't settle things.  It takes more than a thousand delegates to win the nomination.  Whoever wins Wisconsin still won't be close to that many.  But Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Prebus says, "Whoever wins Wisconsin is going to have some really serious bragging rights" – probably enough to get you into the convention hall but maybe not up on the stage.


Former Congressman Vin Weber (R-Minn) says, "We should be at least the middle of the end stage, and I think probably we are."  Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says he won't endorse anybody until that person, presumably Romney, gets a majority of delegates. By that time, of course, who needs Gingrich anyway.


Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum remains active, "Governor Romney said he's going to run as a conservative.  I'm not going to run as a conservative.  I am a conservative."  The Washington Post says that many of the states that vote in May look good for Santorum, adding that Obama lost five of the last eight contests to Hillary Rodham Clinton four years ago. 


Still, if you add up all the pundits, season lightly with salt and pepper, their recipe calls for Romney being the nominee.  They're probably right.

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