Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 7, 2012

Yogi Berra was talking about a pennant race when he famously said, "It ain't over til it's over."  That applies to the Republican Party's Super Tuesday primaries as well.  They're over but there's no nominee yet.
Mitt Romney captured Virginia.  That might induce southerner Newt Gingrich to drop out but he wasn't even on the ballot.  Neither was Romney's main rival, Rick Santorum.  He was on the ballot in Ohio, widely regarded as the key match up between the two.  Romney won but only by about one percentage point.  Such triumphs do not a nominee make. Georgia had the most delegates at stake (76) and Newt Gingrinch won it.  But a fair response would be, "So what?" 
I have seen candidates who are not going to become nominees before;  Gingrich resembles them. The Washington Post seemed to sum things up pretty accurately.  The headline in today's paper – at least the edition I got – reads, "Drawn out battle goes on." Sorry, we don't have a winner yet, folks – but not really.  This stuff is kind of fun, don't you think? Reply Forward

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