Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 3, 2011


The first computer memory of the day was of a group of letters – 12 maybe 13 – clearly lost and looking for a home.  I wondered if it were easier or harder in Charles Dickens' day. David Copperfield begins, you may remember, with a chapter title that says simply "I Am Born."  At least you knew what the rest was going to be about.


I miss those simpler days sometimes.  Chapters that explain simply how so-and-so got hit by a fast ball or some other so-and-so plonked by a computer program.


I love computers, of course.  I own one and stare at it some every day.


But I'm afraid we've gotten away from the good old fashioned letter that explained to a friend or a loved one how the world was treating you and how you were getting on.


I wouldn't give up my PC (well, maybe for a MAC) but I do sometimes envy Mr. Dickens all by himself in a bare room with only a desk, a chair, a pot of ink, a half dozen quill pens and some paper.


Simpler times, those.  But maybe more wondrous.  "I am born."  Go, Charlie, tell on.  LOL ': )

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