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     We're into the baseball playoffs again.  Wait a minute!  Grab that man who shouted "So what?!"  Get his name, please.


     Anyway, we're here.  We have some unsurprising qualifiers, like the Yankees, and some unsurprising losers, like the Chicago Cubs, who last won a pennant in 1945, a World Series in 1908.  But there are some surprising losers too.  Boston Red Sox fans—and a lot of their players, probably--thought they'd be out there.  They're not.


     So it's Yankees versus Tigers (I'd bet NY), Rays versus Rangers (have to root for Tampa Bay, they're new to all this), Cards versus Phillies (bet Phillies, I guess) and Diamondbacks versus Brewers (no idea, your call).


     Anyway, you know what I'll be watching these early days of October.  It'll all be good fun and when we get down to two teams, not eight, it'll probably be easier to pick a Series winner.


     Good luck. 



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