Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6, 2010

     The sports pages of the Washington Post today are damp with its reporters' tears.  The hapless, hopeless Washington Redskins have done it again.
     The regular sports story by Jason Reid: "...the Washington Redskins failed miserably from start to finish Sunday afternoon in am embarrassing 31-7 loss to the New York (except that they play in Jersey now) Giants."  Columnist Mike Wise:  "R.I.P.,Hope.  See ya, Renewal.  As usual, we hardly knew ye."  Columnist Thomas Boswell:  "a stunningly inept loss."  I could go on, but you get it.
     All the sports teams are bad here.  The basketball Wizards have yet to win a road game this year.  The hockey Capitols have good regular seasons but leave the playoffs early. Baseball?  The slogan about the old Washington Senators was "First in war, first in peace, but last in the American League."  Now it's the Nationals in the National League but the song hasn't changed much.
     Still, the Redskins are the city's favorite team.  They last won the Super Bowl in 1992, and that's not yesterday. But losing for the Skins goes way back.  In 1940, when there were two divisions and just one championship game, the Redskins, with a gifted quarterback named Sammy Baugh, played the Chicago Bears, with their own gifted quarterback named Sid Luckman.  Final score - Bears 73, Redskins 0.
     The more things change--well, you  know how that goes. 

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