Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1, 2010

      Well, Gallup has done its final pre-midterm poll.  It shows the Republicans up, 55--40.  Other polls have slightly different numbers, but the consensus among those who've been talking to voters (as this retired reporter has not) is that the GOP will certainly win the House and maybe the Senate.
     Disillusionment with the President?  Yes, there is certainly some.  Mr. Obama's slogan of two years ago, "Yes, we can" seems to sound to people now more like, "Yes, maybe we can but we haven't yet."  That's a little unfair. of course, but we're talking politics here, not ethics.  The President got Congress to approve a stimulus package.  It hasn't brought prosperity and unemployment is worrisomely high, but it may have helped us avoid a real depression.  He got Congress to pass health care.  It's hard to imagine that most people won't eventually think that's a good thing, whatever amendments to the law they may favor.
     Obama has ended one of the two wars he inherited--sort of.  Combat troops are out of Iraq, we're told, though if the bad guys start shooting, all troops are combat troops.  We are not out of Afghanistan and for the life of me, I can't see why.  Give Karzai one last bribe, tell him to strike a deal with the Taliban and be done with it.  He quite often sounds anti-American anyway.
       Still, the day is upon us.  I hope that Delaware Senate candidate who says she once "dabble into" witchcraft does well.  Maybe she could cast a spell.   

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