Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 14, 2010

Commentators have been noting that the Republicans this year have nominated some unusual and unusually conservative candidates.  Good.  Maybe that will liven things up.
     My favorite, of course, is Christine O'Donnell, the Republican candidate for Joe Biden's old Senate seat in Delaware.  She's the one who's been running a TV ad which begins, "I am not a witch."  But just imagine if she were and if she won.
     There we are on the Senate floor.  Majority Leader (assuming he gets reelected) Harry Reid of Nevada rebukes O'Donnell over some point of procedure.  She whips out a wand, there's a flash of light and suddenly Reid is transformed into a frog.  He'd make a good frog, don't you think - hopping about the Chamber, croaking for order?
     But wow!  Imagine the blizzard of publicity!  The Senate could start charging for seats in the Visitors Gallery.  Fifty bucks a head at least, I think.  People would line up.  C-Span ratings would soar.  They could start charging too.  A profit-making Senate--now there's a government reform worth having.
     I know, I know, she's behind in the polls and probably won't win.  An old, retired reporter has to dream. 

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