Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13, 2010

     Rapture is spelled:  Washington Redskins 13, Dallas Cowboys 7.  I know, it wasn't much of a win.  I know, the 'Skins defense scored their only touchdown.  I know the Cowboys scored a touchdown on the final play, only to have it nullified by a holding penalty.  Still, rapture.
     Cities have sports teams, of course.  In Chicago, where I grew up, people rooted for the Cubs and the White Sox (two baseball teams in those distant days) and the Bears and the Bulls and so on.  In New York, when I lived there, people rooted for the Yankees and the Giants (baseball and football back then) and the Knicks and so on.
     Washington has always been different.

 Sure they have those other teams--the Nationals, the Wizards, the Capitals, DC United, the Mystics -  and sure people go to those games.  But the city's relationship with the 'Skins has always beenspecial.  When they win, the town swoons.  When they lose, it weeps tears of despair.
     Last season, they had much to weep about--four wins and twelve losses.  No wins at all against the teams in their division.  So yesterday was special--beating their arch rivals the Cowboys in the opening game.
     Does this mean they'll win their next fifteen?  Of course not.  Go to the Super Bowl? Not likely.  But they beat Dallas and so for a day glee reigns unconfined.  To quote Louis Carroll...they vorpled in it.  

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