Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5, 2010

      "Just a-lookin' for a home," comes originally from a song about, of all things, the boll weevil.  But it works just fine to describe the trial of the 9/11 defendants, the men behind the men who blew up the World Trade Center.  No intent here to insult the weevil, of course.      9/11, as we all too well remember, happened on September 11th, 2001, coming up on nine years ago. The right to a speedy trial?  What's that?      The Washington Post offered a useful update yesterday.  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the self-styled mastermind of the attack, and the other four accused were to be tried in Manhattan in civilian courts.  That plan collapsed.  In March, officials said it would probably be a military court.  In April, Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress the review of the case would be completed in "a number of weeks."  That was eleven weeks ago.  Maybe Holder should have said "a large number of weeks."       There are arguments, of course.  It ought to be, since it's a civil crime, in a civil court.  Wouldn't that cost New York, or any other place, a fortune to provide security?  Well, it certainly might.  Then let's have the trial on a military base before a military tribunal?  That's not how the law would normally function.  You get the idea.      Now, the Post reports, the decision has been taken away from Justice.  "It's a White House call," one official said, "We're all in the dark."  And apparently the call won't be made until after the midterm election in November.  Why?  I have no idea...      How do you spell "dither?"  Is it O-b-a-m-a?
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