Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12, 2010

      Last Tuesday's Democratic Senate primary in South Carolina is without a doubt the oddest election I've ever heard of.       The winner is an unemployed veteran named Alvin Greene, 32, involuntarily discharged from the military because, he said, "It just wasn't working out."  He won the nomination (how he paid the $ 10,440 filing fee remains a mystery) despite not having a campaign staff, any campaign money, a campaign website, cellphone or personal computer.  "I check my e-mail," he told the Washington Post, "two or three times a week. I prefer the telephone...That's the easiest."  He doesn't have his own apartment, lives with his father.     Oh, and he's facing a felony charge for allegedly showing a University of South Carolina student a pornographic picture.  His lawyer, of course, is a public defender.  A headline in Time Magazine wonders, "Is the Dem candidate in South Carolina a GOP Plant?"  He says no.      He showed the Post reporter a campaign flier, asking him to be careful because it was the only one he had.  How many were printed?  "Maybe thousands.  Hundreds. Maybe a hundred.  I don't know exactly."     The obscenity charge?  "I'm on the not-guilty side of things.  I have to be.  I mean, I mean, I have no comment, I mean."      The woman who accused him told the Post she didn't know he was running.  She wished she had, because "I could have said something, so that people would have known who they were voting for."      Yeah. 
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