Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28, 2009

     I wrote here not long ago about the Democratic nominee for the vacant Senate seat in Connecticut, a man named Richard Blumenthal whose campaign is hampered by the fact that he said several times that he'd served in Vietnam when, according to the New York Times which broke the story, he hadn't.  Today, the Times' Gail Collins offers some interesting stuff about the Republican in the race.
     It's not former Congressman Rob Simmons, who, as it happened, served in Nam.  No, the GOP picked flamboyant Linda McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment.  One of her qualifications:  she said she'd put fifty million dollars of her own money into the campaign.  A lot of money for a small state, though of course you do want to buy New York TV ad time.
     Wrestling, as I remember it on TV years ago, used to be a fairly shabby sport.  I remember watching the small black and white screen with neighbors, with the sound off. We'd turn on classical music as an accompaniment.  I always thought it was better that way.
     Then the McMahons apparently turned it into big time stuff with more sex, more violence, more show.  Linda McMahon calls it "one of America's greatest exports" which all depends, I suppose, on your point of view.  McMahon's primary opponent, whom she beat, used a video, Collins writes, which showed her husband in the ring telling a weeping female wrestler to take off her clothes, get down on her knees "and, dammit, bark like a dog."   Whatever it takes, of course.
     Anyway, Connecticut, a question for November:  Do you want the guy who lied about being in Nam or the woman who wanted her wrestlers to bark like dogs?  Sometimes, democracy asks really hard questions.     

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