Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 9, 2010

       I was going to write about health care today.  It's complicated and the chances of some bill passing Congress--problematic.  But then I got a thank-you note that changed my whole day.      It's from my best friend's great-nephew, a four year old named Parks.  I had sent the family a Christmas check to buy Parks some books.  Yes, at four he likes them.  Yesterday I got a thank-you note--the first note, a proud pop added, that his son had ever written.      Some of the letters are almost as large as books, and you know there were a couple of parental editors leaning over young Parks' shoulder as he wrote, but still---      "Dear Bruce," he wrote. "Thank you for my books.  I love books...I am learning to write my letters.  Have a great day. Love, Parks."       Wow!  Love to you too, Parks, and to your parents who have passed along their love of books, which I share,  to you.  I'm proud of you and proud of them.  Love of books is something we'll all share all our lives long.  Keep reading, please.      Love, Bruce 
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