Saturday, October 24, 2009

October 24, 2009

       I know who I want to win the World Series this year--the Yankees.  Not because they're Yankees, or New Yorkers, but because, like me, they're old.      I'm old in real terms, of course--late seventies.  But four Yankees, arguably the heart of the team, are old in baseball terms. They all came up to the team fourteen years ago, in 1995.  Who are they?  Well, you probably know, of course, but just in case...they are pitcher Andy Pettitte, reliever Mariano Rivera, catcher Jorge Posada, and shortstop Derek Jeter, the team's leadoff hitter.      If they make it to the Series this year--Pettitte will start game 6 of the American League playoffs Saturday in Yankee Stadium--it will be their seventh World Series with the team since 1996.  Not too bad.      "Youth will be served," the old saying goes.  But maybe not this year, maybe not in this Series.  I'm not against youth.  I have young friends, my kids are young--well, in their forties, which seems young to me--and they're swell, of course.  But sometimes, you gotta root for the old guys.      So, as they travel toward New York for Game 6--Pettitte will pitch, wouldn't you know it--here's one old geezer with a fervent wish:      Go, Codgers, go!       
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