Monday, August 3, 2009

August 2, 2009

     Congress is off on its regular August summer vacation.  The temptation may be to shout,  "How can you take a month off when you haven't done anything about health care?"  Usually, accusing these men and women of laziness and self-indulgence is fair enough, but this time, they sort of have an excuse.
     Lots of issues are straight up and down--buy more F-22 fighters?  Yes or no?  More money for teachers?  Stem cell research?  Aid to Africa?  Yes or no?  Health care is much more multiple choice:   government plan by itself, or competing with insurance companies, or requiring the businesses themselves to offer universal coverage or...or...or....
     There are a lot of different points of view here and a horde of lobbyists trying to convince Congress that their bill is best.  The bills are long and hard to read.  It's a complicated thing to try to create--a health care system.  Do you add to what's already there, start over, what?
     This columnist is no expert on this subject and will not offer advice.
     Except this:  47 million of us Americans, I read, have no coverage at all.  These people clearly need help.  So, Congress, don't give up because the bill isn't exactly what you want.  Pass something.  If it's flawed, and it may well be, fix it next year.  But please, at least, make a start. 

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