Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 25, 2009

     I am indebted to Colbert King for his column in today's Washington Post proving once again that supposedly grownup politicians often aren't.
     It's titled "In D.C., a Spat Among Spongers"  but I think I'd have called it, "Tacky Toys for Greedy Girls and Boys."  It's all about free tickets to Washington Nationals'  baseball games. These are, of course, pearls of great price.  The team lost 102 games last year and has the worst record in the majors so far in this young season.
     Anyway, during the negotiations with the city the team agreed to give the City Council 19 tickets to suite 61 in the ballpark, wherever thus.  The mayor, Adrian Fenty, also got tickets to a separate suite.  But the clever mayor apparently got hold of the tickets the Council thinks are its, and won't give them up.  Standoff! Confrontation!
    In the first place, of course, the team shouldn't have to give any politicians, Council members or mayor, free tickets.  It's a bribe.  If it were money, we'd all recognize that.  I have tickets to a few games this year and they cost me twenty bucks apiece.  The seats the mayor has are much more expensive, but he ought to have to pay for them.  Public officials shouldn't be on the take.  It's just that simple.  
     If the team wants to give away tickets, this far from perfect city has plenty of poor kids who'd like to go. Bribing well-paid politicians is different and wrong.  So thank you, Mr. King.  Your column made me angry, but in a good cause.  

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