Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 3, 2009

    A little quiz today.  First:  when and why did the United States invade Iraq?  The date's easy--it was 2003.  Why?  I had no idea then and I have no idea now.  We knocked off Saddam Hussein, who was a bad guy, but he wasn't our bad guy--why him and not somebody else?  I don't know. What did we gain from conquering him?  Beats me. 
     Second and last question:  when and why did the United States invade Afghanistan?  That was earlier, in 2001, and the stated reason was to get at the terrorist Taliban, which had training camps there.  Okay, we conquered the place and set up a government that just about everyone who's been there says is corrupt and weak.  But did we get rid of the Taliban?  Not so's you'd notice.
     One of these wars is six years old, one eight--both longer than World War II.  If they have helped us as as country, made us stronger and safer, I've missed it.  Maybe, just maybe, the new president will take a new look. Just because you invade, you don't have to stay.  Even the Romans left Gaul, eventually.
     And maybe we could talk to these countries instead of shooting them up.  Our own military is severely stressed because people have done three or four tours in the combat zones.  That doesn't work very well. Vietnam was an unsatisfactory war, too, but at least the troops knew you did your twelve-month tour and then you went home.  
     A new look, Mr. new President?  Please?

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